Thursday, January 08, 2009


So I went to the doctor today.

Long story (very, very long) short, I've got Vertigo.


Also, for your information, I'm not pregnant, I don't have high blood sugar, my blood pressure is a-okay, and, in general, I'm the picture of health.

Except for the nagging Vertigo symptoms, I'm topnotch.

The doctor was concerned about my Vertigo symptoms because there was no sign of why I should have them (usually, this time of year, Vertigo is accompanied with fluid behind the ears because of colds and/or allergies). So, he decided I should have a CT Scan.


I'm sure everything is fine. Though, there is a slight discomforting feeling when the doctor says, "I kinda wish I DID see something in your blood tests."

What does that mean?

He actually was very kind; thorough and gentle. I liked him.

Tomorrow I go get the CT Scan.

Today I'm taking medicine to help with the Vertigo. It's helping. A bit.

Here's to being normal soon. For me anyway.


Christa said...

That makes me glad that you went to the doctor, even though I'm sure that's anxiety-inducing to hear. Let us know how it goes tomorrow. take care.

Missy said...

Your Vertigo the last time was completly random too right?

I saw Rachels comments on FB about the lights...hmmm, you should ask about that tomorrow.

Let me know what happens. I will be praying :)

Abbey said...

My mom had vertigo at times when I was growing up. I specifically remember riding in the back seat as we were taking her to the doctor once... she had a plastic bucket on the floor board. It was awful. Poor thing.
I hope you feel better soon! It really is a terribly debilitating illness. I'll be praying for you tomorrow.

Amy said...

Prayin for you Kim!

Jan said...

Ugh, sorry to hear that. I wonder if you have Meniere's...that's what my Mom and I have that causes our vertigo. You can read about it here...

We both take decongestants, which helps tremendously. When mine acts up I have to take Antivert to help the dizziness/fuzzy headedness until the "attack" passes. My Mom says it does her no good, but it helps me. Do you get bad headaches with yours? I usually do, so my ENT gave me a prescription for a migraine pain reliever which helps a just have to take it when you can be incapacitated for a little while =)

Hope you feel better soon and the test turns out ok!