Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Five Things I Thought Were True About Running

1. Fancy, shmancy running clothes make you faster. While this is not true, they do make you look cooler and that counts for something. For me anyway. Because I'm a vain peacock.

2. It looks painful. Or beautiful. Depending on who you watch run. I probably look like I'm in pain, especially if I'm singing a lil' ditty.

3. It is a good way to get in shape. This is true, but not in the way I'm thinking. I'm thinking I should look like Kate
by now (duh, from Lost), but I don't. I'm thinking she probably exercises a LOT more than I do and generally eats less. And she definitely has cooler hair. No, I'm NOT jealous. Okay, maybe a little. (Hello, THIS WEEK is the season premiere!)

4. It's boring. It's not boring. I actually, ahem, like it. And like it more every week that I do it. It's alone time, chatting time (with Melanie- we run together twice a week), laughing time (alone and with Melanie- yeah, sometimes I look crazy), and a time for me to think and process and recover and contemplate and be goal-oriented and be thankful and be mad and be happy and be curious and think about my humanity.

5. You'll grow to hate it. Not so. I've grown to love it and look forward to it. To feel sweaty, feel my feet beat the pavement, feel my arms swing, to go slow, to go fast- I feel very human and very alive.

Here's a great way to start.


JBL said...

do this:
you and michelle can encourage each other thru 3 months of H.E. double hockey sticks.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard runners complain about running. In fact its quite the opposite, it's like they get addicted. Freaks.

heather said...

I do love/hate it it makes me feel alive and like yeah I did it. Ginger and I are starting back up we ran 3 minutes straight today. Baby steps.

Paige M said...

I have been talking to Angie Dutton, and we are about to start the couch to 5K again too! I'm going to try to get a group of women! Thanks for the encouragement.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I used to run with friends. We would only talk on the phone to confirm our runs and save everything else so we would have lots to talk about. They both have moved away and I miss them.

Anna said...

Ditto with the clothes. My mom just bought me pretty running pants. It makes you look forward to working out!

Rachel Garcia said...

okay so i can't say i've ever run.. on purpose.. but im with you on the Lost premier.. it was awesome!!

Amy said...

I love once I have finished running, I love listening to my ipod while I run, it takes my mind off the distance left. I hate that the weather is cold and hurts my face.

j_webb said...

I like it when I finish running too. It means I have lost who ever was chasing me.