Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tunin' Up

I've been listening to some great Christmas music this year. Over the Rhine has their newest Christmas CD (maybe 2 years old) playing for free on their website. I'm listening to it now. It's fantastic. Listen here. And I always have the Over the Rhine website connected to the blog (check to the right). Just click on the record player. And, of course, I have the Pandora station going all the time (except at work, where they block a WHOLE bunch of sites because they don't want employees to "abuse" it. As if!) Anyhoo, if you don't know Pandora, then I will not judge you (out loud), but simply let you know that you must register
here (registering is free, you only need an e-mail address) and then simply enter in some bands (at Christmas, I just enter in "Christmas" after my favorite band) and Voila! you've got Christmas music you love coming out your ears. BTW, the Carpenters are not on my Pandora list. I'm sorry. But the radio stations simply play them too much at Christmas. I used to really like Karen Carpenter. Really. Not so much anymore.

In other news (yes, music obsession is news):

Quinn is finishing up his semester and I'm glad. Greek and Hebrew on the back burner (for a few weeks anyway) and my hubby is back. There's a rumor of Pergo floors being laid, but that's just a rumor. Though I am crossing my fingers.

My house is clean. And has been since Sunday (including the Master Bedroom, which is the house dumping ground). I keep looking at it nervously like, "when EXACTLY is this going to fall apart?" Because it will.

I went running this afternoon in the hopes that I could ditch this extremely resilent headache I've held onto for two days. I left this afternoon around 4:45 (it was still light) wearing black running shorts and a black running jacket. And by 5:30 it was dark outside. And I'm running in black. Good thing my legs are so pale that they act as reflectors. Side note: I'm officially a snob about running clothes now. My friend Melanie works at a running store and has given me some running clothes that she didn't need and I'm in love. I used to scoff at people who bought expensive running clothes, but now I see why they like them so much. So now I look like an official runner when I run. I didn't before, you see.

Off to put the kiddies to bed. The natives are restless. And Mommy needs to sleep.


Cheryl said...

I remember being a kid in the 70's riding along in the car with my family listening to "Close to You" by the Carpenters. Didn't like it then...don't like it now. Too "Disney." One song I really can't listen to without it getting stuck in my head is "Pretty Paper" by Willie Nelson. The kids tease me about it, but for some reason I like it...and I usually am pretty cynical about those kinds of songs. Like that Christmas shoe song...gag!

Peyton said...

congradulations on your house being clean.

im obsessed with running clothes. sometimes thats all i want to wear. i get excited about changing from uncomfortable school clothes to sweet cozy cool-looking running clothes.

ps go to target, they have very thin pullover fleeces for only $10. i run in those. they have different colors. awesome.

Missy said...

Thank you for introducing me to Pandora. I listen to it every day.

I am SO making fun of you and your running clothes. Ha ha ha naneenaneebooboo. That is me making fun of you.

You may now call me a jerk.

michelle said...

Oh Thanks for the OtR info. Very fun!