Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things I Thought I Had

...gumption to run after school (nope, I'm freezing in my house)

...more laundry detergent (screaming out loud, "MUST HAVE LAUNDRY DETERGENT! AUGH! WHAT WILL I DO? MUST FEED NEUROTIC BEHAVIOR!!!") wrinkles (hello, crow's feet, and other non-named wrinkles) more Snack-size Snickers

...more Tiramisu creamer (sigh)

...five less pounds (bought a big Snicker's yesterday because I ran out of snack-size. Why yes, I totally freak out when I don't have any chocolate and behave irrationally. I feel like I'm a monster. WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE? Hmmm, I want some now. Luckily, for all involved, there's always-ALWAYS Ghirardelli chocolate chips in my freezer.)

...more energy (see lack of running because it is cold)

On a side note... I hear the ice cream truck going down my street. I just want to tell him that it is December. And that it is 45 degrees outside. Incidentally, he never drove down the street in the summer. He started in October. Strange man. And he looks creepy, too. No children, you cannot get ice cream from the crazy ice cream truck man who drives his truck in December. It's illogical.

I should try to run. I should. Maybe I'll just wear my running clothes and make people think I run. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll just don my electric blue, spandex running pants and go places. Like the Mrs. In Ministry Christmas Celebration. And the grocery store. Gratification? Check. You know you want to come with me.


Missy said...

Um thats gonna be a big fat negative on the coming along.
Not in the pants anyways. Lose the pants and then I will be along. Well, lose the pants and come back to Birmingham.

laytonfamily said...

psst, lean closer ... I keep chocolate icing in my refrig for those monster like moments! ;p

michelle said...

That IS creepy about the icecream truck. We had two that came a lot this summer. One was a normal icecream truck. One was a murderer van with no windows and a sticker of an icecream cone. I would tell the kids they could NOT go to the freaky icecream truck. EEEEWWWWWW!!! Just get a regular icecream truck dude! ...and only in the summer creep!

Anna said...

Running clothes are way more fun than actual running.

And props for the Pandora holiday suggestion, my life will never be the same. Love it.