Friday, December 19, 2008

Snacks, Tutus, and Bells

*** Spirit Fingers *** Go Productivity!

I've been up since 3:30am. My brain is too busy. I want my brain to STOP being too busy. It's driving me nuts. I cannot wait to be done. Being busy. But since my brain functions on hyper-activity, it's not looking too promising. Tonight, I foresee a Benadryll cocktail coming my way. Early.

I made the cutest thing this week. I'm going to be a millionaire because of it. No, do not mock me. It is a tutu for one of my nieces. And it. is. C-UUU-TE!
Well, I should say, I cut strips of tulle and Diane did the actual "putting together". I'm a good cutter. It took six yards of tulle to make one. SIX. But it is really cute and tulle is cheap. Love it.

I've cooked about a gazillion things this week, including this delightful yumminess:
Yes, folks. That is white trash. I need to be a tad bit more obsessed with running because of it. I discovered this week that if you put a whole bunch of white trash in a big bowl to be portioned into bags for teachers "later", the white trash will be eaten. By myself. And my husband. It is gooooood. Other things I've cooked: banana nut bread (for teachers), fudge (for my grandfather and for Corin's Christmas party), and Cornbread Dressing (for the "Christmas feast" at school today). Yes, the need to run is pressing on me. I'm about to go.

Corin performed in our church's bell choir on Sunday. They did a great job. But aren't they so cute in their robes?

It was a great experience for him. He was not happy about doing it, but he did stay committed (with just a bit of "encouragement" from Mom and Dad) and he did well with his part.

Well, it's time to get this Friday started (including forcing myself to run, so that I can stop feeling guilty about it). It's going to be a looooong day. Working, baking (seriously, more baking???), shipping packages, printing pictures, wrapping presents, laundry (forever and forever), packing, de-Christmasing my house before we leave for FL (which probably won't happen), and packing clothes makes for quite a day. And two Christmas parties to boot. Which means I have to look pretty.

Here goes...


Amy said...

Keith said Corin was most likely not happy because he had to wear that darn robe!

Missy said...

I love the kids choir robes. Good for Corin!

I am taking stuff off of your list for you....

~DeChristmasing the House- really not a neccesity. Do not make yourself crazy

~Laundry- Be like me and let it pile up, it's very refreshing

~Wrapping Presents- Wal-Mart bags and a bow.
OK, really kidding about that. I like to see pretty wrapped presents too.

michelle said...

Maybe we'll see eachother in Florida :) hee hee. I LOVE the Tutu!!! That is so cute! Merry Christmas!

care-in said...

I never thought about E being "bored" with eating but I can see it. We do "four more bites because you're four years old"...not sure how long that will last!

Thanks for your tips.

Andy said...

love the tutu. i saw on in this little kid store and i am going to make one for my neice

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