Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why is Randomness so Fun?

I do not understand when fellow blogger friends say that they have nothing to write about. My verbal diarrhea is so potent and perhaps I am so arrogant to think that you want to hear about EVERY THOUGHT that goes through my brain. I have to control my blogging tendencies. Seriously, I think I could blog all day. ALL DAY. Do you want to hear about the smell in my refrigerator? Got it. How about the last time I cleaned the litter box? okey dokey. Who doesn't want to hear about my kids throwing up? That is serious entertainment. How about when I talk about my obsessive compulsive habits? Gotcha. I love to read about other people's OC habits; perhaps because it makes me feel better about my own. Do you want to hear about all the cute things my kids say? Who doesn't? Are you some kind of weird person who doesn't want to see pictures of my cute kids and listen to me ramble out their cuteness? I do not blog about everything I think. I want to keep you guessing. "Oooh, what is she going to blog about today?" That's my job. Or one of them anyway. Self-assumed, of course.

I was spending some quality time this morning watching Flight of the Conchord clips. And then I was thinking, "are their mothers proud of them?" And then I thought about that I don't think I could've been a famous actress or singer who ever says bad words or does questionable immoral things onscreen because my mother would watch. Of course she would. She would want to support me, but then she would be disappointed because I had compromised my morals to be famous. But maybe I would've tried to convince her since I was younger that I must pursue my art and then she would be proud of me because I had accomplished my goal. I think about this stuff when I watch a movie where the actors are doing something that maybe you shouldn't do in front of a camera. Their mothers had to have watched them doing that! And probably their aunts and grandmothers. And then I'm embarrassed for them. If it were my family and it were me that was famous, then they probably would've planned this whole big family thing where they would've watched my movie all together and then this horrible uncomfortable silence would come and they would be embarrassed and disappointed in me. And that's why I didn't become famous. It was a choice I made for the sake of my extended family.

Why can't I learn to play the guitar? This annoys me. I should know how to play. I cannot get past the point of my fingers hurting.

I think I want to get my haircut. I'm thinking a Katie Holmes kind of cut. Maybe.

I always think when I get my haircut short that it's going to look way better and then I do it and it doesn't. And then I wish it were long again because at least I can put it in a pony tail. But somehow I have this bug in my brain about getting my hair cut off. And I know I look JUST LIKE Katie Holmes. This is another thing about getting my hair hacked. I think that I should (I don't know why) look like the celebrity who I'm thinking my haircut is most like. And I don't. I look like me with short hair. Which sometimes I like and sometimes I don't. So I probably will. Maybe. Or not. I'll probably just do it impulsively one day without thinking about it and VOILA! I've got short hair. Maybe.

I need to dust my fans. What I would really like is to get Texas Aggie in Florida to come up and clean my house. As an experiment. And of course she wouldn't charge me. It would be a tutorial. This chick is hard core. She did a post about her house cleaning techniques and I was struck about how UNCLEAN I was. Not gross, mind you, but just not as clean as my Texas friend in FL. Check out her last comment on my previous post. Tex, that's an invitation. I'll take you to the Botanical Gardens and Dreamland Ribs afterward. And I can look at your great hair. She does have fabo hair.

February is almost halfway over. Daffodils should be here soon! And then spring is just around the corner... And then comes the wisteria, which is my absolute favorite part of spring in the south. Gorgeous! It just takes over everything (and probably is slowly killing the tree it has wrapped itself around) and the smell is so Springy. Quinn asked me (because I hate winter) if I would rather live in a place with little winter, like Florida (which is where I grew up-which is probably why I don't like winter). And I thought about it and then realized I loved Spring in Alabama because it's after the winter and it gives me something to look forward to. You just can't beat wisteria for beauty. I love to watch the daffodils bloom, as well as the irises, lilies, and lenten roses (which grew all over our yard in our previous house in Birmingham). I brought some of the seeds over last spring to the Poolhouse, but I don't know if they'll bloom this year.

I need to clean the refrigerator I referred to earlier. The spilled pickle juice is getting to me. It spilled three weeks ago, maybe longer. No one has said anything when they come over, but maybe they're being nice. I don't know if I would go into a house of a friend, curl up my nose, and say "does it smell like PICKLES in here? Blegh." Maybe I would. And then they would cry and I would feel really bad. "I mean in a good way it smells like pickles. Who doesn't like pickles? For real. Don't cry." Yikes.

I want some pointy-toe black zip-up boots. Now's the time to look because boots are going to be on sale. I have a hard time finding zip-up boots because I have large calves. Shutup, I do. I remember one Christmas my in-laws got me this gorgeous pair of Nine West zip-up boots and I was so excited and tried them on. And they didn't zip up. How humiliating. I got rid of a whole bunch of shoes the other day, including my old zip-up boots, which have a round toe and I want a pointy toe (as I just stated). Quinn came in and asked if I was getting rid of ALL those shoes and I proudly said YEP. Then he looked in the closet and saw the remainder of my shoes. He just stared. I asked him what he was staring at and said all the other shoes I wasn't getting rid of. Hello, there are only 25 pairs left. And that's both seasons. Okay, I have shoe issues, but I do have a knack at finding shoes at really good prices or getting them for free from Miss Toni, who is this cool lady at my church is gives me her hand-me-down shoes sometimes. Speaking of good prices, the Pant's Store in Leeds is having their annual warehouse sale, which is awesome. Last year, I got nine pairs of shoes for myself for $5 or $10 a piece. I also got a cool pair of flip flops for Quinn and Stride Rite shoes for my kids for el cheapo.

Well, the house is berzerkly messy now, even though it was fine two hours ago. Must go and do what I must. See ya.


Anonymous said...

You've probably heard, our womanfest is cancelled. The Davis's have a stomach bug! Can you believe it! At least my house is clean. I love your random post too. You make me laugh outloud a lot. It's fun having you as a friend.

Scott H said...

Do NOT cut your hair! I dont know why women think that once they hit a certain age, they have to cut their hair! Long hair is great.

JBL said...

1. I'm going to assume (for the sake of assumption) that you're talking about me. That may be a little self-centered, but it would be quite a coincidence if you weren't talking about me. And that's ok.
I do enjoy reading your verbal diarrhea. I just don't enjoy spewing my own all the time.
2. I agree with your assessment of FOTC and family viewing. That's also why I'm not famous. G'ma would struggle with some of my entertainment methods.
3. No pain, no gain. Play through the pain until you develop callouses. Then don't stop.
4. No way to short hair. Michelle and I just had this conversation with 2 people that I will refer to as J & P. P wanted to get her hair cut short. J thought it would be a good idea. (Keep in mind that P & J are females that are 8-10 years our senior.) I interjected. "You should not cut your hair short. When a woman get her hair cut short it immediately adds age." J responds, "Sometimes when you're our age, your face looks droopy with long hair." I disagreed. "When you go the short hair route, it's a sign that you've given up on youth." Don't do it.
5. We need to dust our fans too.
6. I like winter.
7. I recommend you get the pickle juice out of the fridge. But do what you'd like.
8. No comment on the shoes.
9. Do what you must.

I'm free for comment or advice at any time. Don't hesitate to ask.

Missy said...

I need somebody to come clean my house.
If you notice on What not to Wear they always cut off long hair.
I think Katie Holmes hair makes her look very sophisticated and grown up...not old.

I take it the stomach bug ended with Corin? I hope so for your sake.

Abby said...

i love Katie Holmes hair right now, it is actually really close to my hair right now, except the color, but i have loved my hair short, it was at least 5 o 6 inches longer before i cut it! i say either way you will be beautiful and i also say its just hair, it grows!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

You're so funny. I love short hair. It's sexy. I'm biased. What can I say? And the truth is that I HATE to clean, but I hate dirt and germs more than I hate to clean. So cleaning someone else's dirt and germs is not remotely appealing to me, even for a trip to the botanical garden and rib place. But I'd love to come see ya sometime, without the cleaning job.

Although you moved to ORLANDO (hint hint), I could come help you get moved in and organized. Your mom DID NOT put me up to that!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I left out a word in that sentence. It should say, "Although, IF you moved..."

Rachel said...


Marsha said...

I'm with you, Kim! I could blog all day if I didn't have a life. Wait, that doesn't sound right. You have a life and you control yourself and don't blog all day, right? I just have so many things I want to share....are we both just narcisstic (spelling?). No, but you do like daffodils.
Someday I think I'll have to try a random blog post and just ramble on like you do. It's so amusing. I love amusing. Which reminds me, I forgot to post my Friday Funny! Does that mean I post 2 for Monday Morning Musings? Oh dear, the dilema of a dolly llama.
I hope all the kiddos are well and no more puke. That's not fun.

Amy said...

The only thing about this random stuff going on and on is that by the time I get to comment, I forget what all I wanted to say!
I love Katie Homlmes haircut, I feel sorry for her being married to such a strange man though. Remember, with short hair you have to wash it everyday to make it look like you fixed it, but with long hair you can wear it up to hide the dirt :) I guess you could hide it with a hat like I do.
I cleaned my fans today!!
I have a thing for shoes too, but Keith made fun of me so much I quit buying them. Now I just take them from my Mom. (when she gives them away)
How's the running going?

Anonymous said...

You are right - if you were famous then yes we would plan this whole big family thing where we all would watch your movie together and then... and then...

Now Kim - do you REALLY think that your uncles would sit there in silence? You would have never been allowed to forget that mistake. ex. "Whoppo Combo". Now Papaw...probably would have left the room and Grandma - well...she would have should up on the movie set during filming and hauled your butt all the way back to Florida.

But, I do appreciate that you thought of your family and chose not to become famous.

I agree - clean up the pickle juice.

Love you & miss you - Mom

Anonymous said...

"showed up" not "should up"

Not that I'm obsessive compulsive or anything like that!

JBL said...

Michelle says that I should tell you that I really don't mind short hair, and it doesn't make women look older. I really don't mind short hair, and it doesn't make women look older. Also, our fans don't need dusting.

Kim said...

Poor Michelle. I can just hear her telling Jason, "You didn't say it would make her look older did you? Jason! Tell her that you really don't mind short hair and it doesn't make women look older." Thus, second comment done. It's okay Jay. I know men usually like long hair. Quinn is one of those guys, but every once in a while he likes the short hair cut. My fans still need dusting, on the account that I have to get on a ladder to clean them. Your input makes me happy. Tell Michelle I love her.
Amy, running is going good; I'm training to do a 5k in April with some ladies.
Rachel, berzerkly is totally a word. You'll probably use it many times today.

Paladinos9801 said...

I totally understand the hair thing. I do it, too. I grow it out, then chop it off, wash, rinse, and repeat. it's almost a habitual cycle. Mine's on the way down, right now--has been since this last summer. But, the day will inevitably come when it will get chopped again. Can't help it.

And the shoe thing . . . I understand that too. Why pass up a great pair of shoes when they cost less than $10? It goes against everything I stand for! Hold the standard, Kim! :o)

Kimmi said...

you, dear girl, are a NUT!!!! i love your posts. pickles are lovely. clean the juice up if you want. i don't get the whole shoe thing. i prefer my hair short, but scott likes it better long. sanitary, but cluttered is totally fine.

Abbey said...

I just got 5 inches chopped off mine. Do it, girl!! It's so free and fun!

MattD said...

OK, her's a little contradiction for said this.
"I was struck about how UNCLEAN I was. Not gross, mind you,

and then said this....
"I need to clean the refrigerator I referred to earlier. The spilled pickle juice is getting to me. It spilled three weeks ago, maybe longer. "

Ummm..yeah I vote for gross

and the calves...I wasn't going to say anything but...well .nevermind