Monday, February 25, 2008

Eardrums and Poop

Felix's eardrum burst today while he was napping. Very strange. He is okay; he acted fine after it happened. Actually, he acted fine before it happened. He has had a slight cold for a couple of days; no fever and no coughing. Last night he cried for a long while before he finally fell asleep. I guess his ear hurt. I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow morning to make sure he's okay. This EXACT same thing happened to Silas when he was two.

Felix has become 95% potty trained. He has pooed in the potty THREE times. I'm very excited. Um, it's very interesting to see that my two-year old pooping in the potty causes me to be very excited. And just a little pathetic. Ah, this is the life.


-C said...

How did you know that it burst? I'm guessing that you knew because of Silas ... but I don't think I would know if that had happened to one of mine.

It's amazing the power of poop on us moms. :)

Kim said...

You're right. I knew because of what happened to Silas. When it happened to Si, I was hysterical. I thought he was never going to be able to hear right, but he was fine- it just made a teeny hole that healed in two weeks. I went to go check on Felix because he had been asleep for over three hours (naptime) and I saw goopy orangish fluid all over his ear, the side of his face, his hands (I guess he had been messing with it in his sleep), and in his hair. Silas' looked exactly the same except the color looked more yellowish-white.

Burt said...

i hear quinn is up around the 97% range now!

Scott H said...

That's funny, right there!

Missy said...

Yeah for pooping Felix!
Why am I excited about that?

I'm sorry about his ear.
I remember when that happened to Si. I don't think it's fun even if you knew what it was.

Good luck at the Dr.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I know a burst ear drum sounds awful and all, but our 'now retired' doctor used to tell us that when it bursts, it's a good thing because then the healing can begin. She always said it healed faster if it burst. So there, something to make you smile, right??? But still, orange goop, ick!