Friday, December 28, 2007

Mississippi Christmas Pics

We're back! We had a great time in Mississippi with the family. On Wednesday night, there were twenty people sleeping in the house (3 bedroom, 2 bath)! It sounds like a lot, but it's always "the more, the merrier" philosophy there. Quinn killed a great, big buck on Christmas day, which he is so proud of. I'm glad, too because of all that meat (no Ginger, I won't sneak Venison to you). Fun times included:

Stuffing stockings on Christmas Eve

The merriment of Christmas morning and reading of the Christmas story

Visitors aplenty


Lots of singing and guitar playing (and dancing of the children)

Playing games (Scrabble and Mexican Train-the most fun game ever)

Lots of chit chats

Coffee and dessert whenever you wanted (I must've gained five pounds)

Wassail (it is so good)

Going on a fourwheeler with my hubby

Seeing how proud Quinn was for killing the buck- the biggest he's ever killed

Making food in the kitchen with all the ladies

Breakfast (I love everybody sitting in pj's drinking coffee and drowsily talking)

Fighting over pecan pie

Watching my boys with Quinn when he would take them hunting

Getting to go through old jewelry with Michelle, Kerri, and Madison (Jason's sister). I got some cool stuff.

Going to Walmart. Somehow, it's just more fun in Kosciusko, MS.

Watching the grandparents with the little ones. It was like they were feasting on their cuteness and littleness.

Watching Felix and Ansley. Man, they were CUTE!

Soaking up every second of family time and looking forward to the next time around.

It was wonderful. Hope ya'll had a good Christmas!


Ginger said...

That does look like fun! I missed you so, glad your back friend!

Anonymous said...

Fun the babies in the bath. I have a picture of Brandon and his cousin in the bath together, so cute!

Amy said...

Looks like good times! Still waiting for you guys to come visit us!!

Missy said...

Welcome home! I am about to leave for round 2 so I will have to catch you later.
How about a "field trip" the week after next!

Also...any WalMart that is not your usual WalMart is much more fun. That is a sick problem we have.!

Go Quinn! We'll take some of that venison action over here :)

Kimmi said...

WE MISSED YA'LL!!!! glad you're back safely. are you coming to our new year's party? huh? huh? please? no, i'm not needy or insecure. not at all.

Marsha said...

Missy...if you check back on this, check out Dick's "green outfit" under his shorts while sitting with Silas and Corin. He and Dad must've gone to the same fashion school! haha