Friday, December 14, 2007

Conversation Whiplash

Tonight I went on a girl date with Kim and Crissy. It was fun. We went to PF Changs and Target. I tried on lots of shoes at Target. I really wanted to buy some red, patent-leather ballet flats that were $10, but somehow I always think that I'm sinking backwards if I'm wearing flat shoes. I don't like to wear flat shoes. I feel short. I don't like to feel short. I like to feel tall. I like to pretend I'm 5'7. I love patent leather. I like to smell them. It's a nostalgic smell. When I was little, we would get new black, patent-leather shoes for Easter and I loved to smell them.

Quinn went hunting. I don't like sleeping by myself.

Felix is loving the Advent candles. He calls them Happy Birthdays. He also likes holding Little People plastic cars over the flames. We moved the Advent wreath.

I can't find the remote.

I got out my winter clothes yesterday. I usually do this in September. I got rid of most of them and a lot of my summer ones. I want to buy more clothes. I made a new link to a great site called What I Wore Today. I like her style most of the time and the things that she does are totally doable. Maybe I'll go to the thrift store tomorrow.

It's cold and I don't want to get off the couch.

I'm sleepy.

I guess I'll force myself up.

Goodnight random viewers...


Missy said...

Who coined that phrase?
Seems like we've said it forever...In my head its attributed to Dave Donovan.

If my life ever slows down I want to go out with you and Kim and Crissy. That would be fun.

I am a horrible mother. I haven't been keeping up with advent.

HEWY said...

I love that jump from moving the advent candle to losing the remote. Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

cute post, and i love the title. i love how you talk and your vocabulary. it makes me feel smarter when i hang with you. thank you for letting brian and i hang with you girls for a few min. it was so fun! you guys are the best.

Kim said...

love you, kim! i had a blast last night. i LOVE laughing like that. shopping w/ friends is terrific. i HATE shopping by myself.

kim p

Crissy said...

I wanna go to the thrift store. (I was whining when I said that)

Chris called you guys "Kim squared". Made me laugh.

And Missy, I want you to come to my house! Come play with us.

Rachel Garcia said...

i love that you had to move the advent wreath... lol.. my mom used to say..

"can i not have anything in this house?"

of course not.

Kim said...

kim squared-- that's funny. chris is one funny man.

missy, come play w/ us. pleeaase?!

kim p

Jawan said...

Yeah, both Kims are a couple of squares. Oh, know what I mean.

Amy said...

Well, you beat me to the winter clothes! Mine are still in the attic and since it is going down to 24 degrees tonight I think I need to drag them out - blegh!
A lady recently told me that if you don't feel pretty in your clothes, give them away and get new ones - I wish!

Abbey said...

Girl, the only thing I LIKE about Matt going hunting is getting to sprawl out in the bed!