Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Today, in the pool house where we now live, I was thinking of all the things I love about life. I will share them with you and let you ponder.

I love to read books that I can't put down.

I love to listen to Over the Rhine.

I love coffee with Coffeemate Creme Brulee creamer. Delicious. Especially when Felix is taking his morning nap.

I love to toast by the pool. Except that now I'm 31 and so I have a big hat and my Jackie Onasis sunglasses on. Very glamorous, I know.

I love when the children are drowsy and cuddly.

I love theme parks.

I looooooooove chocolate. Except for Tootsie Rolls. Gross.

I love to eat. Mmmmm... Cheesecake, pizza, steak (medium rare), fried cheese sticks, artichoke dip, chocolate covered raisins, REAL SOUR CREAM, salsa from Sol Azteca, vanilla bean ice cream with cut up bananas and chocolate syrup.... ok done.

I love my husband. Bow, chicka , bow wow

I love yummy babies, hence previous favorite.

I love Big Saver Thrift Store. By myself.

I love to laugh until I nearly pee my pants with my friends. I also love that, as a group of friends, we can completely ignore our lot of children and laugh until we nearly pee our pants as a group.

I love my sister. And I miss her.

I love to play Spades.

I love the smell of Thanksgiving at my parents house.

I love the anticipation of an event, even though it may be miniscule. Like going to Target, by myself.

I love my church.

I love watching movies with my husband, even though he teases me when I run to the kitchen when I'm scared.

I love to blog.


Michelle said...

Hey I think you forgot about me...I am so kidding. I also love that creme brule(i don't know how to spell it) coffeemate. I only get it at my mom's but it is DEVINE!!

Virginia said...

hey kimmy-

here's a link to that photographer's website that i was telling you about:


(esp. look at the wren's photos. LOVE!)

also, here is her blog. she posts pictures pretty frequently, plus i just like reading about her life.


Kimberly said...

good post, glad you could slip me in between food and kids.
just kidding.
chicka, chicka, bow-bow

Amber said...

oooooooh, Big Saver. Can I come too, pretty please?! I promise I'll go away and let you be by yourself...

Abbey said...

That is great! I loved the one about the dying laughing. it made ME die laughing just thinking about the fun involved with that kind of cutting loose!
Are ya'll settled yet, from the move?

Michelle said...

These are a few of my favorite things...
poo drops on roses,and wee wees on kittens, Real stinky diapers, and moist smelly mittens. Brown poopie packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!

Abbey said...

Whne the dog poops, when the bee stinks, when I'm feeling sad...I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!!
That was fun! Anyone else have a song challenge for us???

Michelle said...

Hurry up and get settled in so that I have something to read!!! How selfish can you be? so kidding(but not really)