Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today Quinn and I have had to soothe feelings, spank children, break up a fight between grown women, ward off complaints, and I had to crush one girl's feelings because she has really bad hygeine. We are angry because of what the people in charge of this place are doing to the rules. After trying hard all summer to really show the girls grace; legalism and stupid rules have been put into place. I detest legalism. ( Doesn't that show you how good I am?) We have righteously defended ourselves and blew off what they think because we are obviously better than are. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to say that out loud.

Who do I blame for inconsistency? I want to scream to the outdoors, "IF YOU WOULD JUST DO THINGS MY WAY, LIFE WOULD BE BETTER!" I myself am inconsistent. I am definitely inconsistent with my children and avoid situations where I have to show consistency with my charges. Why do I care if others are inconsistent if I am inconsistent? Ah, (revelation time) it's because I am a self-righteous, lazy, arrogant sinner. Crap.

So what do I do now? Really want to do the screaming thing. Still think I'm right. I actually want to stamp my foot and cross my arms. I think I'll just do that for a while.


Abbey said...

Hey, girl. Wow. Have you been reading my mind or something? Sounds like you and I have a lot in common right now with the whole pitching a fit thing. I've been throwing one for about two months now and I'm still enjoying it, so I don't think I'll give it up today! I love reading your blog...they make me laugh. And relate. Tell Quinn that Matt says he's not sure what a blog is, but he thinks he left one in the bathroom a little while ago. I need to "learn him" on the blog thing. I've had fun with it so far, but I think I messed mine up. It won't let me post anymore. Guess I'll have to look into this problem...

Michelle said...

Kim I am sooo proud of you. Having to constantly give of yourself as a mom alone is demanding enough to tire a person out. You are doing some really hard things right now and I would think you were super woman if you did not fall apart sometimes. I know you wish you were superwoman in that cool costume plus I think people would respect you a lot more.
Oh my gosh Kim, I am not kidding Hope just turned on the t.v. and squirl nut zippers are on sesame street!! They are at a restraunt putting a lid on a puppets head. O.kay ,why is that not us? It should be.