Monday, September 18, 2006

Did I really go to the beach last week?

Here I am, back at the Village in the thick of Doctor's appointments, cooking, medicine, drama, and general craziness that IS life at the village. (They're hiring house parents, by the way) We came back here yesterday and there was new drama. Even though I suffer from severe Overdramatacitis Disease, I do not enjoy drama. We have two weeks until we leave here and move to Moody, where Quinn will begin his new job as the intern at Community Presbyterian Church. WOO HOO! I'm very glad that the Lord provided a ministry position for Quinn at our own church. We're here now though. But last week...

We were invited by our dear friends, the Sharps, to the beach last week. It was gorgeous and relaxing. I think I had forgotten how to relax. We did a lot of lying around and swimming. And plenty of laughing and talking. And sleep. ahhhh...... It was very nice. The kids loved it. Corin just is a fish in the water (he scares me a little bit actually). He loved to go out to his neck in the ocean. Silas really enjoyed the ocean since it is a gradual deepness and he is mortified of the swimming pool (which scares me more than Corin). Felix loved to dig in the sand (and eat it) and transfer water from one bucket to another. We went one night to a wonderful restaurant and another night we went to a Krispy Kreme and watched the donuts being made (fascinating and drool enticing). Yes, we had a wonderful time. The Lord provided a way for us to be able to go and we really needed a refresher. I didn't want it to end. And then it did. I wanted to cry on the way back here yesterday from church. Two weeks sounds like an eternity.

I'm so incredibly impatient. I'm constantly waiting for the next big best thing. Be it the relaxing week at the beach or the exciting challenge of a new job. It's never great all the time. There are things Quinn and I will hate about being in ministry, but isn't that part of life? Nothing is perfect in our finite minds except for Christ's perfect love. I love to see over and over in the Old Testament how, even after the Israelites failed, God drew them to Himself and forgave them and loved them perfectly. It shows us our desperate need for the Gospel and how we can never save ourselves from our own depravity. In this though, as much as I love to see the lessons learned by the Israelites in the Old Testament, I hate to be taught the same lesson by the Father who loves me. He draws me closer and I resist. Will I always resist? Will it always be hard for me to have faith that He will provide a need? Will I always be waiting for the next big thing, or will I learn to be content? Does He show us our sin constantly so that we see more of Him?

I loved my week at the beach; I saw my Creator in the sunset and in the ocean. I needed a refresher in who He is and what He can do. I am confident in this very thing, that He who created a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.


Virginia said...


This is awesome. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

Shaun and I need a refresher soon... I am praying that the Lord provides us an opportunity- and that my eyes are open to it, even if it means leaving the kids with granmda & grandpa- which is very scary to me right now. *sheepish grin*

Kimberly said...

My dear Virginia,

I hope you are able to go and without the kids! It's so nice to go and enjoy time with one another.

Crissy said...

How lovely that post was! Very real and very familiar.