Friday, January 26, 2007

I just changed a stinky diaper. It was gloriously stinky. Full of the nasty stank that I know and love. Sweet cheeks Beex (aka Felix).

I talked to a dear friend of mine today. We've been friends since 1st grade. She and her husband have been married for three years and have been trying to have a baby for almost that long. They have endured several failed invitro attempts and two miscarriages. I cannot imagine her heartache. It was all we talked about as children; getting married and having kids. I talk to her and cry when I get off the phone and wonder why can't she get pregnant. Why? Why is God allowing her to go through this? What is He teaching her? I pray for her to be able to get pregnant. I have seen her grow in Christ and see her faith and I admire her. I don't know if I'd be the same way. I don't know the answers.

She asks me about my kids and laughs at my stories about them. Her sisters get pregnant easily. And so do I.

I'm rambling I know. I'm so thankful for my children, even when they drive me crazy. I'm even thankful that I have endured three vomit-filled pregnancies. And I'll take a stinky diaper anytime.

Man, it's hard not to know the answers.


Graced said...

Thank you Lord for little messes.

Crissy said...

You failed to mention that you changed that stinky diaper on my kitchen floor. Eeewww. Glad my kids' poop doesn't stink.

Abbey said...

I know what you mean about not having all the answers. I went to a viewing for my freinds 12 year old son last night. I got to come home and kiss mine goodnight and tell them I love them.
Life is difficult to understand sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I teacher on my team has been through 3 unsuccessful rounds of invetro. It is so hard to see her go through this. She doesn't talk about it and you can sense her bitterness. I keep praying that she will be able to open her heart to God and see his plan for her. I'm glad you were able to listen and encourage your friend.

Anonymous said...

BTW...E is so stopped up I'd love to see a poopy diaper right now!

Abbey said...

Hey Kim! I hope you check this in time! Can I get your email address? I need to send you something secretive... Mine is if you need to email it to me. Thanks!