Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm sorry. I usually don't post stuff like this, but I thought it was, um, interesting. Maybe a little gross. Well, since my husband ran screaming from the room when I said, "Hey, check this out", I'm guessing it's not at all a point of "interest" for men. And a lot gross.

I, however, am intrigued. Check it out.
By the way, it's for a woman's monthly, just so you know. Perverts.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Creature of Habit (Well, I want to be, anyhow)

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I made lists that included me peeling wallpaper. Well, I find myself making lists everyday now. Different lists: grocery lists, organization lists, to-do lists, idea lists, weekend lists, etc. I find myself looking forward to writing them. More so than actually accomplishing the tasks on the list.
Currently I'm writing this list:

Weekend List:

buy birthday present for a birthday party tomorrow (creative ideas?)
take out spring/summer wardrobe for everybody
deep clean upstairs and downstairs
and, of course, the everpresent: PEEL WALLPAPER in upstairs bathroom

I'd like to transfer my desire of MAKING lists to actually ACCOMPLISHING them (especially that BATHROOM!). At least I feel like I'm getting SOMETHING done if I write down what I want to do. Maybe if I set a timer that would help.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Fever Makes Me Cranky.

Feeling overly critical.

Burnt out from school. Don't think I could have a jobby-job where I didn't have a summer break. I'm longing for it.

Really want to paint rooms in my house. That, of course, must come AFTER I peel wallpaper. Hmmm. I keep writing "peel wallpaper" on lists, almost as an afterthought. It's not working. I ignore it just as well if it's written down.

Haven't taken the Spring Clothes out. Need to. Silas has finally outgrown size 5 shorts; he turns 7 in two weeks (hello, WOW). Poor baby, he looks like a ragamuffin. I usually love taking out my spring clothes, it's like a surprise from last year.

I just finished the Twilight series. I have a hard time reading what I term "Hype" books, because I usually don't get the hype or I think it's over-hyped. Twilight is a BIT over-hyped (admit it!). It's not the greatest writing and Bella is an annoying character. I didn't like her until the fourth book, when she finally developed into a strong character. However, the story was a bit addictive and I read it in every moment of my spare time. The movie was... okay. I'm hearing all of my Twilight "Fanatic" Friends howling (forgive my pun) at my critique, but I did read it. So, um, there.

What shall I read now? Help me. Even if you hate my critique.

Time for lunch.