Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring Fever Makes Me Cranky.

Feeling overly critical.

Burnt out from school. Don't think I could have a jobby-job where I didn't have a summer break. I'm longing for it.

Really want to paint rooms in my house. That, of course, must come AFTER I peel wallpaper. Hmmm. I keep writing "peel wallpaper" on lists, almost as an afterthought. It's not working. I ignore it just as well if it's written down.

Haven't taken the Spring Clothes out. Need to. Silas has finally outgrown size 5 shorts; he turns 7 in two weeks (hello, WOW). Poor baby, he looks like a ragamuffin. I usually love taking out my spring clothes, it's like a surprise from last year.

I just finished the Twilight series. I have a hard time reading what I term "Hype" books, because I usually don't get the hype or I think it's over-hyped. Twilight is a BIT over-hyped (admit it!). It's not the greatest writing and Bella is an annoying character. I didn't like her until the fourth book, when she finally developed into a strong character. However, the story was a bit addictive and I read it in every moment of my spare time. The movie was... okay. I'm hearing all of my Twilight "Fanatic" Friends howling (forgive my pun) at my critique, but I did read it. So, um, there.

What shall I read now? Help me. Even if you hate my critique.

Time for lunch.


Elizabeth said...

If you want to stay with young adult fiction, try The Lightning Thief. I'm enjoying it. If you want something meatier, try Stephen Lawhead's Hood. It's an awesome series retelling the Robin Hood story in the context of William the Conqueror's time. Lawhead is a truly excellent writer.
I haven't done the Twilight thing. We'll see if I ever get around to it. I always seem to have more I want to read than time to do it.

Peyton said...

kim! why did you read them. why!!

travels with charlie. by john steinbeck. favorite.

michelle said...

I concur.

NOW, you must join goodreads. Just do it. It will be lovely.

Crissy said...

Peel wallpaper... go, now. Just do it. Pretend that I am there, beside you, obsessively pulling paper. You can do it!