Sunday, April 08, 2007

Resurrection Sunday

We had the most glorious day. An awesome celebration at church (where I cried in front of my 4-5 year old Sunday School class trying to describe to them how sad, then angry, then completely ecstatic Mary Magdelene must have felt on that morning when Jesus had risen; Gracie Sharp just looked at me with wide eyes). After church, we went to the Boykins where we ate, laughed, hunted eggs, and ate some more. TOO MUCH FOOD. Even though it was chilly, the children (23 at one point) played outside and the grownups just hung out, ate dessert, drank wine and sipped delicious coffee. It was wonderful. Great conversation and good company just taste good together. There is something so sweet about companions whose hearts speak to one another. I trust these people with my children, not just to be with them, but to raise them up to be Godly men. I love my church family. I remember the first time Maja Clayton got on to one of my boys for disobeying me when I wasn't watching. I was shocked and definitely taken aback. I just looked at her; I had never seen anything like that in the church. You know, usually we just watch each other's children disobey and then talk about what spoiled brats they are behind their parents' backs. But that's not what we are supposed to do. We are responsible for each other's children; to raise them up in the gospel.

Anyway, it was the best day. Now my family is all watching Planet Earth on the Discovery channel (really cool, by the way). Gonna join 'em. G'night.

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quinn said...

Thanks for being my wife and the mother of my kids. Your the toppermost.