Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lazy for long enough, I suppose.

Why do I procrastinate about blogging? I enjoy blogging. I love to read other people's blogs and laugh (or cry). I don't get it.

Today is kind of a rambler. I'm irritated that it is cold outside... I'm ready for the pool to be open! Yesterday I got back from camping at Stone Mountain, GA. Camping? You might be saying to yourself... Not Kim! Oh yes. I went with Crissy, Kim, and Terri (ladies from church who could sell you fun from an empty paper sack). We did have lots of fun and the whole three days changed my perspective on camping. I would even go again. Of course, you shouldn't ask them about me completely going hysterical during a thunderstorm Tuesday night. Or that I brought my own hairdryer (Terri borrowed it). The boys had such a good time. Silas, who can sail down a hill on a scooter at lightning speed and has learned how to ride a two-wheeler recently got a skinned knee, elbow, and a black, crusty eye from walking. Corin loved the museum and hiking and kept saying how much his Daddy would "love this place"! Felix was content in his "stroll" as he calls it and had to be coaxed (and sometimes forced) out of it to do other things. I ate six roasted marshmellows in one sitting and far too many Oreos for my own good. I woke up this morning with a tummyache and way too many loads of laundry, but it is an excellent memory. Thanks for talking me into it, Crissy!

I wanted to let everyone know about my friend who I blogged about who had trouble getting pregnant. She's eight weeks pregnant again and things are looking good. Her infertility doctor has told her to find a regular OB/GYN. Please pray that things continue as they should. Her name is Kelly.

I'm anxious to have a "blog" party at my house soon. What do ya'll think?


Amber said...

I'll be there--as long as it's after about June 3 or 4!!!! See you soon--56 more days!


Virginia said...

i'm in for a blog party! that sounds fab! :)

Alli said...

eek!! That sounds awesome! Count me in!


what the junk is a blog party?

I miss you so much, beautiful Kim!

Dollar General said...

Not only can I not believe you went camping BUT you went 1. without your husband (who was there to fight the bears?)and 2. You took the kids - without your husband. Kim, you are alot braver than I previously thought! Sounds fun and exciting!
I'm with Alli - I don't know what a blog party is - I'm new to this scene!

Anonymous said...

Fun...wish i was there!