Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, it's Friday. That means that I'm at Crissy Sharp's house checking and updating my blog because SHE has the internet. Somehow, it is impossible for me to have internet at my house. Annoying. Oh, well. Friday night at Crissy Sharp's is the best ever. I wish to invite all of my girlfriends. Have a fuzzy navel, a taco, and a laugh.

I dearly love and appreciate my friends. Thank you for pointing me to Christ, even when I don't want to hear it. The gospel is real. It's not just for an unbeliever. I need to hear it every day. Thank you.


Karen said...

No internet can be good sometimes. Xavier and I tried no computer for a day, it was hard. I have you and Missy to thank for introducing me to fuzzy navels! Miss you guys!

Abbey said...

OK...what in the hell are you waiting on to blog?? Your blogs are just really good, and I want to read one. Haven't you been to a friend's house with internet since November the 3rd? I tell you what...why don't we plan a day for you to come over here and the kids can play, and you can blog?!

Sorry, but I needed to vent for a second about how much I miss your "happy with myself thoughts". And so sorry to use the word hell. But heck just didn't quite get my point across well enough. Ahhh...thanks. I feel much better now.

Now that I've chewed you out...hope you're doing OK!!

Alli said...

I really really really like that abbey girl. who the h-e-l-l is she?