Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Approaching the End

We are approaching the end of our time here in Jackson. Quinn is not completely done with classes; he will finish his final year in Birmingham, via the internet. Our job at Community Presbyterian starts in June.

Quinn reminded me last night that, when I was sobbing one night when we first moved here, that I would cry when we left. That seemed hard to believe when we first moved here, I missed my home and my home church family so much. But now we are preparing to leave, and so are others (to go to their new homes), and I know visits with them will be far and few in between. I feel like this is an abrupt ending to our time here, even though I knew it was coming for two years. I've made some good friends and it's been so lovely to live near family. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around not being able to see them as often.

Two years seemed like an eternity, but it has zipped by so very fast. I'm thankful for these two years. They've been difficult, but have brought Quinn and I closer together. And then there's Baby Girl, the unexpected addition to our little family. I wouldn't trade these two years for anything.

I'm looking forward to moving back to Birmingham. Dear friends await our return and our church is excited to have Quinn on staff. It's nice to be wanted. I feel like we're returning into a giant hug.

I'm gonna need it.

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care-in said...

What a great post Kim...love the new blog design too!