Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News Flash


I haven't blogged in a while. I guess you know that.

Let me sum up:

1. We had a great year in our public school system. This came as a complete shock to me because I wasn't planning on having a great year. The boys did very well in their classes and Quinn and I were both pleased with the outcome. Will we homeschool in the future? Not sure. Maybe. I think it will depend on circumstances and the individual ways the boys personalities pan out.

2. Working this year was an educational stretch for me. I learned how to become more efficient at home (of course, this came after the initial two weeks of crying everyday after school) and I liked having the same hours as the boys. Someday, I think I shall become certified (that was meant to sound lofty- didn't you see the 'shall'?).

3. This is our last school year in Mississippi. Quinn will finish up his on-campus classes this year and then we will move back to Alabama. I am excited, but will be sad to leave new friends we've made. And we've made some dandies.

4. And last, but, wow, not least, I'm pregnant with baby #4. Yes, somewhat (HOLY COW, IS THAT POSITIVE????) shocking information for us, but I'm growing more excited about the new life growing in me. I am eleven weeks today and still in the throws of panic-eating (I hate vomiting and my body likes to be sick when I'm pregnant) and trying anything to help keep the nausea at bay. I always struggle with my body image when I'm pregnant. I eat all the time (panic-eating) and, duh, typically gain a good bit of weight when I'm pregnant. I'm still running (uphill battle) and trying to stay active (even though I DO like remaining sedentary), but I'm still feeling chubby. Of course, it doesn't help that I get a positive pregnancy test and the next day I cannot button my pants. Anyhoo, I'm due on February 2 and am already excited about the hospital stay (there's cable at the hospital). We find out in September the sex of the baby. Felix insists that it's a 'sister'. We'll see.

Maybe I won't wait another three months to blog.


deLa said...

ok i may have come across something monumentous here. mothers whose kids are already "on the outside" play along as well!! this works!!

take the age you were when you got knocked up and subtract the month you got knocked up


23 - 2 (february) = 21

if your number is ODD its a boy
if your number is EVEN its a girl

ive tried it on everyone i know and its been right. obviously not something to pick your paint colors by... but maybe youll be my real test!

Missy said...

Oh Kimberly, you are not chubby!
Say that with me, "I Kim Hill AM NOT chubby!"...now lets repeat that 20 times...GO!

Ok, I'm biting on this thing above me.
Lets see for # 1:
24-9 = 15- boy, yes that is correct
26-9= 27- boy, that is NOT correct, if it is, then Lana is going to have some serious issues.

seabird said...

I think that you are SUPER brave to be able to go through morning sickness! I would freak out because I'm terrified to vomit. I would surely panic.
And by the way..that is so impressive that you are still running!

deLa said...

well... missy broke it.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Congratulations! I was wondering what you were up to...

Anonymous said...

my bday is feb 3rd, so your baby's should be an easy day for me to remember. glad to see you blogged again. i miss the bloggers.

laytonfamily said...

Hi - you probably don't remember me, but I haven't read your blog in awhile and came to it tonight - to read your wonderful #4 news!

CONGRATS! That is something to blog about!

KT said...

Have not been on your blog in a bit but am so glad I came today! Congrats!

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